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Modular Sofa

Dhs. 1,687.50 -25% Dhs. 2,250.00

Deconstructed Arm Chair

Dhs. 2,812.50 -25% Dhs. 3,750.00

Contour Sofa

Dhs. 3,937.50 -25% Dhs. 5,250.00

Allure Sofa

Dhs. 5,625.00 -25% Dhs. 7,500.00

Helen Sofa

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Clara Sofa

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Santorini Lounge

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Special Product

Special Product

Painters Ladder

Dhs. 144.00 -70% Dhs. 480.00

Freya Shelf

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Rimini TV Unit

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Clara Sofa Bed

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Dhs. 7,125.00Dhs. 9,500.00


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Introducing the epitome of comfort and versatility - our First ever Sofa Bed with a sturdy Wooden Base. This exquisite piece seamlessly combines contemporary design with practical functionality to elevate your living space or Office area with warm lounging experience.

Crafted from a premium blend of cotton and linen fibers, the upholstery exudes a subtle yet luxurious texture, offering a gentle touch against your skin. The natural fibers also provide excellent breathability, ensuring a comfortable seating or sleeping experience in any season. 



 Material : Mix of Linen & Cotton

Frame structure: Pine Wood

 Color : Light Beige