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More Products

Modular Sofa

Dhs. 1,687.50 -25% Dhs. 2,250.00

Deconstructed Arm Chair

Dhs. 2,812.50 -25% Dhs. 3,750.00

Contour Sofa

Dhs. 3,937.50 -25% Dhs. 5,250.00

Allure Sofa

Dhs. 5,625.00 -25% Dhs. 7,500.00

Helen Sofa

Dhs. 5,175.00 -25% Dhs. 6,900.00

Clara Sofa

Dhs. 6,375.00 -25% Dhs. 8,500.00

Santorini Lounge

Dhs. 1,875.00 -25% Dhs. 2,500.00

Special Product

Special Product

Painters Ladder

Dhs. 144.00 -70% Dhs. 480.00

Freya Shelf

Dhs. 1,875.00 -25% Dhs. 2,500.00

Rimini TV Unit

Dhs. 1,312.50 -25% Dhs. 1,750.00

Mykonos Console

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Dhs. 2,850.00Dhs. 3,800.00


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Welcome to our collection of stunning console that is handcrafted, where style meets sustainability. Presenting our exquisite console table, carefully crafted to bring a touch of rustic charm and eco-consciousness to your living space.

This remarkable console is constructed from Solid  wood , making it an eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious individuals. Each piece of wood showcases its unique character and imperfections, adding to the table's rustic appearance.

Note: Item is not readily available, it may take 1 week for the production.


Dimension : 170X38x80 cm
 Material : Recycled Pine Wood
 Color :  White