Anaya Cabinet

Dhs. 4,750.00
This Anaya Cabinet features a full steel construction, providing lasting durability and quality. It has three shelves with a generous storage area. You'll be able to keep all your items neatly organized in this versatile...
Magnolia Cabinet

Magnolia Cabinet

Dhs. 2,950.00
  Elevate your decor with this striking arc-shaped cabinet, expertly crafted from durable steel. Its sleek design and contemporary aesthetics make it a standout statement piece, adding a touch of modern flair to any room....

Laura Cabinet

Dhs. 3,500.00
Dimension : 106x42x200 cm  Material : Recycled Pine wood  Color : Natural Wood

Bianca Cabinet

Dhs. 2,950.00
Note: Item is not readily available. It may take 3-4 weeks for producing the item.  Dimension :  95x40x190  cm  Material : Steel  Color : Grey

Loraine Shelf

Dhs. 3,850.00
The Loraine Shelf is an exquisitely designed piece of furniture by Wood and Steel Furniture. It features a luxurious and classic appearance, incorporating a marble slab and a steel frame throughout its structure. This shelf...

Temple Cabinet

Dhs. 4,850.00
 A Timeless Beauty Awaited - This exquisite off-white cabinet exudes elegance and sophistication. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, it's a piece that promises to elevate any room. Note : Item is...

Laura Cabinet

Dhs. 3,500.00
Dimension : 106x42x200 cm  Material : Recycled Pine wood  Color : White Washed

Olivia Cabinet

Dhs. 3,500.00
  Add a touch of timeless charm to your living space with this wooden cabinet beautifully painted in white. Its classic design and ample storage capacity make it a versatile and elegant addition to any...

Mondrich Cabinet

Dhs. 2,850.00
 Dimension : 120X40X90 cm  Material : Wood  Color : Natural & Black

Walter Cabinet

Dhs. 3,800.00
Note: Price mentioned is per each pc, The image shows 2 cabinets . Dimension :65X50X240 cm  Material : Reclaimed Pine Wood  Color : White washed

District Cabinet

Dhs. 5,750.00
  Embrace the beauty of nature with this wooden cabinet boasting a natural wood finish and color. Its authentic appeal and spacious storage options make it a captivating and functional addition to elevate your home...

Bianca Cabinet

Dhs. 2,750.00
  Discover modern elegance with this sleek cabinet, expertly crafted from steel and adorned with glass doors. Its contemporary design showcases a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality, offering a stylish storage solution for your...